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Dancho Danchev

Dancho Danchev is a security blogger and cyber threats analyst, with extensive experience in open source intelligence gathering and cybercrime incidence response. He’s been an active security blogger since 2006, maintaining a popular security blog on a daily basis.

He’s also blogging at CBS Interactive’s ZDNet.com Zero Day blog since 2008.

More details on Dancho’s current and past affiliations can be found in his LinkedIn Profile.

You can also follow him on  Twitter.

Grayson Photo

Grayson Milbourne, Security Intelligence Director

Grayson Milbourne is the Security Intelligence Director for Internet security company Webroot, Inc. Over the past eight years Milbourne has worked in various areas of the company, spending the past six years focused on threat analysis. His areas of threat research expertise range from proactive to reversing to automation to cloud security. Additionally, he writes and provides technical review for the Webroot blog.


Jacques Erasmus, Chief Information Security Officer

Jacques has more than a decade of technical expertise, including nine years leading malware detection efforts at Webroot and Prevx, which was acquired by Webroot in 2010. While at Prevx he led incident response and PCI-DSS activities for many large companies worldwide and acquired various certifications, most notably CISSP and CISM certifications. Jacques was named “Young IT Professional of the Year” in 2009 by the British Computer Society.

Prior to Webroot, Jacques served as a senior-level consultant for Sun Microsystems where he advised on server ranges, security and backup infrastructure and he also did third-party consultant performing penetration testing for a number of South Africa’s largest companies.

At Webroot he is a blog contributor and is responsible for managing risks related to Webroot’s information security, business continuity planning, crisis management, compliance and privacy.

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