Pharmaceutical scammers launch their own Web contest

By Dancho Danchev

What are pharmaceutical scammers up to? From active participation in black hat search engine optimization campaigns, to spamvertising of bogus links — including QR Codes — and compromising of web sites with high page rank in order to redirect to pharmaceutical scams, scammers are keeping themselves pretty busy in order to monetize as much web traffic as possible.

Recently, one of the most popular affiliate network for selling counterfeit pharmaceutical items launched its own Web contest.

Let’s take a look.

Ironically, the contest’s rules explicitly forbid the writing of articles related to black hat search engine optimization, fake  codeds, carding, and DDoS attacks. Ironically, in the sense that black hat search engine optimization, next to spamming, remain among the most popular advertising techniques in the arsenal of the pharmaceutical scammer:

In order to participate in it you need to write relevant and detailed article on SEO, which will be revealed and graphically shown (pictures, screenshots, etc.) or that the problems and prospects in this field. The main value of the article – is, of course, “scorched” in its topic, so for us is absolutely unimportant whether or not the person’s own blog. But it should be noted that the articles telling about illegal topics and methods of work (hack, hacking, carding, codecs, ddos, cp, adware, etc.) will not be published.

And the prices?

  • Completely unique author’s article estimated at $ 300.
  • The transfer paper is unique in a good quality we have estimated at $ 150.
  • Winner of the month at 6.10 published articles receive from us $ 500.
  • Winner of the month at 1-5 published articles receive from us $ 250.

The Web contest is sponsored by the infamous RX-Partners pharmaceutical scams affiliate network, which I have already exposed in a previous report regarding pharmaceutical scammers.

Affiliate networks continue representing the key driving force behind the growth of pharmaceutical scams. Offering high payout rates to participating scammers, these networks entice scammers in engaging with numerous malicious practices in order to better monetize the hijacked traffic.

Don’t bargain with your health, avoid purchasing counterfeit pharmaceutical items.

You can find more about Dancho Danchev at his LinkedIn Profile. You can also follow him on  Twitter.

4 thoughts on “Pharmaceutical scammers launch their own Web contest

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  3. Black Hat affliate Marketers are using many unethical techniques to increase their commissions.There are certains programs or features they have used to earn a handsome money.

    Some Examples:-

    One of the black hat feature is that it will create framed links.Means that the link you see in the address bar will not be for the actual website you land on by clicking it. Also, the title bar in your browser will say whatever message the black hatter affiliate wants you to get.

    Another one of the more powerful features of certain black hat affiliate programming is the ability to embed affiliate cookies into your links. This allows the affiliate marketer to load their affiliate cookie onto your computer before you even land on the destination URL, and therefore there is no need to use the affiliate code tagged onto the end of the URL.It will appear as the link is not an affiliate link at all but the black hat marketuer will still secretly earn a handfull of commission.

    Moving a step further, this cookie embedding process can also allow the black hat affiliate to embed multiple affiliate cookies into their link for the affiliate program that they are promoting as well as any competitors cookies.

    If the customer doesn’t buy from the site you send them to and then later ends up on a competitors’ site, the black hat affiliate still earns the commission..

    Some black hat affiliate programs are such that they can secretly hide rotating affiliate cookies embedded within a webpage.This techniques allows for cookie after cookie to be added for numerous affiliate programs that are all tracked to the black hat affiliate.

    Going even further upon this feature is the ability to embed any link with multiple rotating affiliate cookies. Again this can load your computer with affiliate cookies for any and all affiliate programs that the black hat affiliate desires to earn commissions from. This black hat affiliate link will look normally like any other link, and can be published anywhere without anyone knowing what it’s capable of when clicked.

    May this Black hats use several unethical black hat affiliate programming but there is always disadvantages of Black Hat Affiliiates.

    Affliate Marketing gives a good sum of income to people but for these Black Hat affliate guys those who are bringing an unethical approach may have a bigger negative impact on Affiliate Marketing may even result to an end of Affiliate Marketing.

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