Non-executable malicious files and code – Thre@t Reply

By Nathan Collier

.exe, PHP, HTML, and the list goes on. How many different kinds of files and code can potentially infect your PC? Webroot threat research analyst Nathan Collier explains a few of the the types of potentially dangerous files, other than the common executable (.exe) that can be found on a Windows PC and cause harm to it.

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2 thoughts on “Non-executable malicious files and code – Thre@t Reply

  1. How do you perform the recommendations to turn off scripting in Adobe reader and how do you use a browser plugin like If those question can be answered then I would say the experts at Webroot are doing a great job, but what I don’t like the continuous Webroot pitches to purchase more expensive protection.

    • To turn off scripting in adobe reader open the program, go to Edit –> Preferences, and then find the JavaScript category on the left-hand side. From there you can disable JavaScript by unchecking the “Enable Acrobat JavaScript” box.

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