3 thoughts on “Windows Troubles Killer / Salvage System: Rogue of the Week

  1. I have had a lot of trouble with malware especially of the ‘scareware’ type, fake antivirus tools. This happens because I sometimes browse in places where a prudent person shouldn’t browse. But I’m retired and get bored. I usually get around the problem by using a restore point and sometimes have to boot into safe mode to do it.

    I read your blogs which are excellent but I’m not a power user and there was much I didn’t understand. I did notice that there appeared to be no solutions to these infections implying that I would have to buy one of your products to fix or prevent.

    Isn’t this the same tactic used by the malware distributors? I would like to buy you stuff but am a bit hesitant. I now run MSE, Malwarebytes, and Avira and use MS firewall on Vista Home Premium. MBAM routinely stops the same two malwares and gives the IPs. I traced one to Nanjing, China and assumed the other was in China also.

    The only thing I don’t like about MSE and MBAM is that they are too slow. I start the program then go downstairs, have a leisurly lunch, mow the lawn, paint the house and when I get back several hours later, the program has finished. I have Vista on a 128 GB partition.

    • There are a lot of reasons why your scans may take longer than they need to and I won’t assume to know all of them but I can suggest a couple of possible causes.

      Most likely I would think is a lacking amount of RAM on your system. Vista built computers are notorious for a) having low amounts of RAM available and b) Vista itself using a lot of what is there. Vista will typically take up to a full GB of RAM and some unfortunate machines with Vista have only a GB in the first place, they were later making low end Vista machines with 2GB as a baseline but plenty of people ended up with those 1GB systems before this habit was adopted.

      Another possibility, and again I don’t know your habits, might be that you’re running other programs while the scans are going on. This will also reduce available RAM that could be used to speed up the scans. These could be programs like web browsers or mail client programs that you might start up almost automatically or could be programs that actually start with Windows which, you may or may not, be aware of. Some examples of common programs in this group might be an instant messenger like AIM or Yahoo messengers or system utilities like a registry cleaner/scanner.

      Despite your note of not being a power user you do seem like an above-average computer user, in my opinion, so some or all of these may be things you already know.

  2. You’re probably only missing the shortcuts to your files and applications, but they’ve likely only been moved, not deleted. The rogue stores those files in the %temp% directory.

    Click Start, then Run, and paste the following into the text box:


    If the rogue moved your shortcuts, they’ll very likely be in that location.

    We do only have support techs available during business hours because we do not outsource any of our technical support staff to another country.

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